3 Skills Every Freelancer Should Know


As a freelancer, you are like a medieval-era tinkerer; you had to know how to repair everything using only the tools in your bag, and you had to be likable and know a whole bunch of cool stories and entertaining tales on top of that. Sometimes being a freelancer feels a bit like that; if your area of expertise is writing web copy, sooner or later you will get someone who wants you to build their website from the ground up. And man, that $1000 price tag for a 5-page website looks REALLY good. Trust me. I’ve taken stock of my own skills and have selected the top 3 that make me money. Here you are: three skills you need to know as a freelancer!

  1. Copywriting Knowledge

If you don’t bother to learn copywriting because you “don’t want to learn all of that sales stuff” you are leaving a massive amount of money on the table. Less than 6 months after starting my career as a freelancer part-time in college, I had a client offer me $200 for 2000 words of web copy. $200 is a LOT of money to a student, or anyone else! I would read the books “Web Copy That Sells” by Maria Vellos and “Triggers” by Joe Sugarman to get an idea of how to write web copy that makes people buy. You can make a lot of money for very little effort that way!

  1. How to Build a Website

Ultimately, you should learn HTML coding to learn how to build a website of your own. That is by far the best way to build a fully-customized website that doesn’t look like any other, and people pay well for that. You can also start by setting up people’s WordPress sites; many people don’t know how to do this very well. A happy medium is to learn HTML and CSS coding, and then create WordPress sites and fully customize them. That way it’s easy to create a website because you don’t have to build it from the ground up, and a broad variety of servers accept WordPress code without any additional compatibility issues. is a great example of a hybrid site like this.

  1. How To Sell

Dear freelancer, if you’ve ever told yourself that you don’t need to know how to sell, apologize to yourself for lying right away. If you don’t know how to sell, you will lose customers hand-over-fist and never know why. Selling is not just the act of getting people to buy; it’s how to interact with them AFTER you get them to buy! I would read “Selling 101” by Zig Ziglar and “Advanced Selling Strategies” by Brian Tracy to learn how to sell like a professional. You’ll learn a lot about human behavior on the way!

If you follow these 3 strategies, no matter in what business you are right now; you are bound to succeed.

You’ll have more orders than you can fit into a massive shipping pallet! Your selling, design, and writing skills will take you as far in life as you want to go.