5 Traits A Freelancer Can Learn From a Musician

I was recently tapped to design and set up a website for a local chorale. They wanted something that would capture the warmth and camaraderie of the team. So, they invited me to spend a week with them to get to know them more.

Spending seven full days with a bunch of musically-gifted individuals is definitely a first in my books. It’s a refreshing experience especially in my mundane freelancer schedule.

Aside from learning to play short tunes on a digital piano like the ones you can see at Digitalpianojudge.com, I also learned a lot of things from musicians that I can use as a freelancer.

Here let me share with you the top 5 traits freelancers can learn from a musician:

  1. Adventurous and confident

Being a musician requires a lot of confidence and courage, traits that we need as freelancers. Like freelancing, the music industry does not offer a stable income. By choosing to follow their dreams and chart their own career, musicians don’t enjoy the safety measures that traditional jobs offer. They need to be adventurous as they journey toward success! They put 200 percent effort as they improve their craft. All of these we also need as freelancers.

  1. Hard workers

Some might think that musicians just sit idly all day and play music. In truth, successful musicians are real hard worker, learning the ropes by themselves and charting their own careers. They need to know how to market, promote and find their own gigs. In the same way, freelancers also need to create their own brand. We have to search for those paid projects and be competitive in a crowded freelancing scene. And to achieve all of these, you have to be a hard worker.

  1. Passion to learn

The music industry is ever evolving. Stagnation is a no-no. Musicians consider daily practice and constant innovation a vital part of their craft. It’s not uncommon to see musicians wearing a headphone like those reviewed here at https://digitalpianojudge.com/10-best-headphones/ while listening to fresh inspiration. Having the same passion is also helpful for freelancers especially in an ultra-competitive market.

  1. Good with budgets

Being a musician requires that you are willing to live a modest life and be good with budgets. This career does not guarantee a wellspring of income. Depending on what type of musician you are, money could be sporadic, leaving a lot of stress and anxiety. You have to be smart in spending your income. Freelancers must learn the art of budgeting, especially if your work is project-based and does not guarantee continuous income. Like musicians, those into freelance jobs must stick to their budget and learn how to live modestly.

  1. Patience

This is a trait of musicians I can completely relate to. As a freelancer, persistence and patience are vital traits to develop. Most of the time, you will need to wait long and toil hard to be able to land a nice paying freelance project. Musicians too are always in the lookout for that ‘big break.’ Some choose to give up while others remain persistent as they journey towards their goal. The truth is, many of the highly successful musicians started out from zero. The success stories of these individuals are enough reasons for freelancers to stay patient.

So there you have it – the five traits we can borrow from successful musicians! Little did I know that I would enjoy this truly rewarding experience!